Our next workshop in the Advanced Apprenticeship: Sacred Healing Arts, “Realm of the Llama”, is scheduled for the weekend of September 15-17, 2017 at The Sanctuary at Mt. Shasta.

This workshop, the second in the 5 part series of workshops, is focused on the healing traditions as practiced in the Southern Andean region of Peru. In this workshop participants will be apprenticed in the healing techniques working with the mesa, the preparation of despachos for healing and clearing negative energies, the energetics of khuyas and artes, and methods for clearing the energetic body of hucha.

Please note that participation in this workshop is limited to those who have completed the first workshop in this series, “The Path of the Healer.”

The workshop fee is $325 if paid by cash or check or $335 if paid via PayPal. Deadline for registering is September 8th.

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2 thoughts on “Advanced Apprenticeship: Realm of the Llama

  1. Gabriella says:

    Hello. I have email at the beginning of the year inquiring about your advanced classes but haven’t received a response. Do you have any plans for upcoming advanced classes? I have taken don Oscars Shift classes and have studied the 5 part PMT with Cynthia Greer. Thank you for any information. Blessings!

    • Raymond Nobriga says:

      hi gabriella, Thank you for your inquiry and for sharing your pmt experience with me. We would love to have you participate in our advanced series. We anticipate beginning a new series in May. I will make sure that you receive an announcement for this. I anticipate that we will be sending the announcement in late March. In the meantime please feel free to email me directly at rnobriga@gmail.com should you have any questions. With blessings, Ray

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